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New Genre

All of my writing
All of my pain
All of my suffering….
All is in vain.

I tried to endure
I tried to cope
I tried to stick it out…
I tried to have hope.

This genre I write
This genre I exhaust
This genre I have......
When all hope is lost.

I lean on this topic
I lean on this theme
I lean on this subject….
It never changes, it seems.

I have to change it
I have to amend
I have to be different….
I cannot depend.

The subject has changed
This poem has too
I have to move on
And stop writing about you….

And focus on the real
Star of the show.
I have to move on,
From my life, you must go.

I tried to hold on
For oh so long.
But for all this time
I have carried on….

Poem after poem
The same ol' chase.
Your love not reciprocated
A fact I have faced.

Maturity has found me
And my love is gone.
Far from you
And to the one it belongs…

Not to another man
As many minds may have inquired.
My genre is new…..
One that's self-inspired.

I've acquired a love,
Not by anyone else.
My new-found love….
Is for myself.

So I'll move on with life
And let you be….
So please understand,
My new genre is ME.

Written by Racquel Hill aka… SellMeCandy


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