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I won't write a love poem
I can't go back on my word
I only can tell you what I saw
And more importantly, what I've heard.
I met this guy, he's lovely
But I have to make this right…
I want a friend for a while
Not just for one night..
I enjoy my time with him
In the end that's all that counts
He's one who would make me turn back,
And forget all of my love-doubts.
I'm sure that this is a test
Just to see if I will fail.
But I'm sure at the pace we're going,
The affections will always prevail.
This is all so new to me,
KNOWING a person in their head.
I just get so sick and tired
Of falling in love out of bed.
So I'll relax for a while
And take it slowly this time
So in the end I'll know
If he's truly meant to be mine.
I can't express my frustration
With getting to know a man's heart.
But I'm sure that knowing his body first
Isn't a good place to start.
He's doing things I've never seen
And acts a totally different way,
Than that of my previous ones
Who had NEVER ever asked about my day.
He's one that appreciates my mind
And my love of poetry.
And he knows that I'm taking it slow.
I even plead celibacy.
So this time I'll learn my lesson
And wait for cupid to strike me
Cause im just so tired of the same
I want to like differently.

Written by Racquel Hill aka… SellMeCandy


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