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Let me love you

I face the wall
And feel ashamed
To turn around
Or speak your name

You used me up
And made me foolish
I gathered my feelings
I felt so stupid

How could I dream
Of loving you?
How could I think
You'd love me to?

Time is short
Love is long
But how can I hate
That we don't belong?

I chose these feelings
They are so true
But now im stuck
Without a clue

So next time we meet
Please don't delay
In speaking the truth
Of how love's gone astray

I can handle rejection
I am so mature
How can I dislike
Something so pure

As love itself
I dare not question
I can only offer
A few suggestions

As to what to do
While im in this situation
Cuz all it's brought me
Was annoying aggravation

I hope one day
You'll notice emotions
Then you'll want
To offer so much devotion

And love, and time,
and hearts that are true
please don't leave without letting me love you….

Written by Racquel Hill aka… SellMeCandy


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