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What a Black Man Does to Me

he is a tight verse over a kanye beat
smooth and acoustic
makes me want to play the entire album
daring anyone to touch the playlist

opens me up like a nite with the gurls
spending money and enhancing memories
over who can suck and not bite
tootsie roll blow pops

skin thirsts for his love
like after a hot shower
shrivelled up
pheening for sesame seed lotion

he is the driving force behind
the reason why words come together
to form platinum selling albums
romantic $2.99 hallmark cards
why diamonds last forever

body shaking
victoria's secretions thrown in all directions
like a picasso painting of a love scene

on bending knee
lighting bath and body candles
caught on sale
with rasta incents
glooming downstairs
to fragrance the freshly picked red rose petals
brought from the last poet on the corner
which lead to my divine

he is the reason
why i feel like i own the world
with no Grammy's to show
no record deals
or fashion line
and no Condolezza Rice security vocabulary

its because when i am with him
its like having Figi in my bathroom
the essences of Japan in my kitchen
and the culture of Africa in my bedroom

bad credit, good credit, no credit all at
i give this man the respect to check my credit
while giving him credit is due
bills paid on time
no finance charges

a vacation packed away in Rubbermaid containers under my bed
Bermuda, Brazil and Maui
just a bottle away
from a lemon and Barcadi
splash of rum
dipping down my thong

he is the reason for ice water
the cause for a hearts freedom
and the reason why big mama is called big mama

he is the Black man
the essence of my earth
the beginning to my demise
the end of doubt

he is the Black man
built Ford tough
but tender in his loins

Gravy and biscuits
He is um um um Good
Like Campbells
the quaker to my wants
and the oats to my root

he is the black man

Written by Shaneka Bynum


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