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tryin to prepare myself for the best route to becoming successful

what am i?

i am a sistah

socialized to be a nurturer

down for the cause

with love in my heart

and a black revolutionary fist

maintaining naturally like assata

i am a poet

stringing words together to make new meanings

using what experience i do have

to capture the blank pages of my diary

a journalist

escaping the worlds' harshness

writing about my journeys

and those who paths i cross

a people person

open a door and see my radiant smile


just like the sun lighting the window pane

a lover

developing each day

heart, mind and soul

patient and the sincere truth

i am

who i say i am

a brothers' keeper

with struggles that date back to

the chains around my feet

in my imagination

that my ancestors lived

i am an intellectual

willing to learn

willing to compete

willing to help

but for the most part

i am a Blackist

someone who wants to help my Black people

scholarships to test the financial burden

day care centers so mamma can do a 9 to 5

contest my brothas in the prison system

slave labor

i am a revoluntionary in the making

counting my days until the next great freedom speech

counting the days until my destiny is fulfilled

as a person

as a sistah

as a poet

as a journalist

as a lover

as brother's keeper

as an intellectual

as a Blackist

as a revoluntionary

Written by Shaneka Bynum


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