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Warmed Over Rice

Warmed over rice will hardly suffice
Warm over rice won't do.

Last Easter's clothes, remake TV Shows,
Watered down soup in a bowl.

Warmed over rice will hardly suffice.

Marriage gone bad, how very sad
To restore again, to what end?

Loss of trust, Oh! what a fuss
To try again to have a friend.

Just warmed over rice
Get on with your life!!

Middle age spread, a little afraid
Then turn back the clock , doing the Rock,
Aching bones, trying to get it on.

Warmed over rice won't do.

Boxing ring, reaching for fame
Story told, done got old.

Down for the call, I'm afraid
thats all.

Warmed Over Rice Just Won't Do!!!!!

Written by Shirley Godbolt


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