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Because we Dined


Because we dined on that bright day
The music almost died.
The melody losted it's hiding place
for just a silly whem.

No facade to cover the reality
Of what we felt inside.
Just two lonely people
Wanting very much to hide.

Because we dined on that day
Our song grew strangely dim.
The melody losted it's hidding place
For just a silly whim.

Escaping the agonies of our lives
Wasn't very pleasing.
But why we've come to this pale place
Is baffling to our reasoning.

Because we died on that bright
The music almost died.
We shall move move ahead,
We shall move on ahead to our
Solidary stations, wondering, wondering
What has this meant, it only but
Evades us.
Because we dined on that bright day!!!!

Written by Shirley Godbolt


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