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I Can Take you

I can take you
a take time daddy
give your clock a good jump start
but dont come if you aint ready
and you cant finish what you start
cause im like hmmmmmmmm
i can warm you in the morning
with huney huggin ease
introduce you to the forrest
and make you wanna rename all the trees
said im like hmmmmmm
rock candy baby
im sweet but known to be real hard
said im like rock candy baby
sweet but known to be real hard
but if you a popcorn and salt perfering papa
dont come round here creeping
dont waste none of your time peepin
all up in my
double dipped/chocolate chip/minty ice
ohhhhhh so nice
i said my honey dipped/ sweetly chipped
suger'd ice/so very nice
let not waste any of our time
all up in my...all in my....candy jar

Written by Shyonda Adams


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