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Dont Change

I dont know why i feel this way
its as if my life is 2 shades of gray
seeing you everyday but neva knowin the rite words to say
my thoughts are as venturous as the open sea
to bad you're too far away to believe
cause my world is so difficult to understand
thats why i havent pushed for you to be my man
i jus wish you'd hold my hand
cause when i see you holding hers
i begin to feel as if you want her instead
i knoe its silly but i cant help my feelings
you's prolly say..''you actin out'' or ''you losing it''
i wish that were the case though
cause wat im feeling isnt dat easy to let go
you make me laugh.. you even make me wanna cry
i bet you neva knew you used to make me shy
you make it hard for me to look you in the eye
and when you smile at me i get dis cold shiver down my spine
what you got...others lack
i know im not the only girl that wanna holla bac
if i were to tell you sumthin serious you prolly wouldnt believe it
but you the 1st nigga i snuck out to be with
i know you think im buggin and u prolly rite
but dis shit aint bout tryin to be liked
ima be real with chu now befoe its too late
if i ws ur gurl.....jus imagine all da love we'd make
it would be a lie if i said i aint feelin you
but sumtimes i get upset wit you for doin sum of the things you do
but til dis day. i know id one day bare a child for you
but i gotta wait. cause ur not yet my boo
assumin that oneday ill be with you
the shit im sayin i bet you neva knew
that i had all these feelings bottled up for you
but its ok cuz i jus wanted it out the way
so maybe ill beable to relax today
so now im gonna close dis bottle and put the feelings bac inside
cuz if i let it all out now there wouldnt be any left for next time
now take dis poem and use dis kiss
and while you're away its you ill miss
cause with des words spoken your now in my range
so stay sexy...behave...and Dont Change

Written by Shyonda Adams


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