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Both hands

Gilded lily
forest floor angelic background
Duration spectle at splendor ageless
prelude dismal flutter
Monarch butterfly cohabitation
retrival mating
Dandelion coccon to sun fire illumination
at nightfall sprinkles expression
Comprehend moth mimic twice bird
sizeable miniature alias mammoth owl
Hunting mice, speak with tingling mirage
scary prone thought of to be a hammock
For death's curtain
harness to Zeus, profusion similarity whilst idle
truth flower to animal intimate portrait
Pain's child spurt forth
tenderness recall implied scenic route
Duality at wilting hand's to peal
deviate appeal mercy at
Wearing splendor
moisture infuses rapture
Honesty, captivity a occasion
for applauding lanuage
Administered sightly feel
at homage paid to
Right idle, left vitality transferred both hands

Written by Smearypigeon


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