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Black panther

Corrolational confession
reflection obxious detection
Resident explaination pslam protection
surreal fought portable wrongs
Uncoth, scarlet hex highlighted vote told assistance
thousand truth selection prays
Liberty land capitalism, jism facial salvia
dispersal Babylon cinnamon rebellious
Cannon grant misery
our affliction hazardous broken homes
Crime death illusion, ministry mirage is patriotism
scrotched drum ambient purgatory
Story forceable
hybrid tyranny plunders
Inequality hides italic in mutal funds
suppressed poor, wealth pedestal
Lesser segregation community artery
clog pass by electoral ballot
Seen no ignorance for something no control over
a complication mystery
Harsh wrongness evident, colorblind casket
verses survival a nation strongness
Under the prowl of re-emerging panther power

Written by Smearypigeon


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