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Pitch black act twice the harsh
fetish for a woman in drag
Mask gem
jewel the phrases contagious engage the surpise
Catch venom toxin erected pleasant to the
contestant up against the battle sort the genic phenomenon
Taste the stones scent pheromones the female
compulsive gender vulture anxiety attack
Below torso a bister placid tied backgrounds
the king petite dismal sheet tuck rush back blow
Forehead combat
with liaison for palm cursive desertion
Etiquette a mauling
serve me by bowing
This is stew stir, mistress femme parasite
you give me title; what for quickest delivery
The stallion read blacken proud stole crown
so slow remorse in the mirror induced nirvana
Deal with it, embellish the title boldest
rule a buddhist vernacular
Modern architecture heightens tongue
riddle me this in comprehensive final quote
"I'm finish"

Written by Smearypigeon


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