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If I rule the world

I'll free all my daughters and sons
My low and order has just began
My world of equality
Where we all have opportunity
As always a gap does exist
But I don't focus on this
For the opportunity always lies before you
And you know what you must do

If I rule the world
I'll educate every boy and girl
Arm them with the tools to survive
Tools required to keep their dream alive
Change the way we live
Ensure in the end we all give
Adjust society's mentality
And finally take responsibility

If I rule the world
I might be tempted to reverse history
Exclude the holocaust and slavery
In my world we don't care about who's in control
Everything you hear is from the soul
Bitch & hoe are words we never use
The world is free from environmental abuse
And if I tell you today that I love you
It doesn't mean I want anything from you

If I rule the world
I'll abolish religious wars
Free health and education by law
Africa will receive the recognition she deserves
Society views beauty as a woman with curves
I'll free political prisoners to make a new start
Unleash my book 'Verses from the Heart'
Men learn to love the same way women do
And put themselves in their shoes to see what they go through
If I rule the world I'll start again from the beginning
Back then humanity was still winning.

Written by son_of_eve


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