Mr. Africa Poetry Lounge!

Gimme my 5 mics

Verbally profound
How does that sound?
Am I a poet or an emcee?
No - I'm just son_of_eve
Stories untold
As I teach while the truth is unfold
I write because I can
Preaching so you all understand
My message for the youth
My version of the truth

Gimme one mic at least
Prolific words without a beat
As I attempt to bond all my people
I keep my message clear and simple
I'm not trying to divide or segregate
I'm trying to feed you as you contemplate
Thought process in constant motion
As I spread love like smooth body lotion
Challenge me if you will
Gimme one mic at least for my creative skill

My futuristic rhymes deserve two mics
Holding my own opinion and avoiding the hype
Not to mention my own creative flow
I warned you before I must let them know
Rhymes intertwining depending on each scenario
Adjusting casually from corporate to ghetto
Speed it up a little bit then suddenly take it slow
Rhyme-slaying as we both enjoy the change in tempo
As I attempt to make it unique
I try to represent for my people on the street

Three mics just for the versatility
Home-grown for the masses plus you and me
Switching styles, themes and energy
As I slowly increase your vocabulary
Spitting issues on consciousness and good old-fashioned love
To the greatest Himself, God up above
However versatility comes with responsibility
Responsibility for the gift presented to me
You see I really believe I was born to teach
There are issues I need to discuss and people I need to reach

Four mics for keeping it real
Laying it down and telling you how I feel
I believe in God and Jesus His Son
I believe in the end we shall overcome
I believe He will come back one day
Where are you going to be at and will He come round your way?
Racism still exists in this world
Not everyone believes in nice boys and girls
We have grown so suspicious of one another
Pre-nuptials and all, see you can't even trust your lover
Capitalism I fear will never work
Why don't we care whether the world still hurts?
I believe the world is undergoing human genocide
Why are so many kids committing suicide?
See I ask questions most people will
I just do it with a certain floetic skill

Gimme 5 mics and I'll add a hook
Matter of fact, let me first finish my book
"Verses from the heart"
Thoughts now turned to art
Influenced by what I see
Tupac, my upbringing and my whole entire family
5 mics for just being son_of_eve
5 mics for describing life's complexities
5 mics for overdue respect
5 mics is all I expect
5 mics for giving you food for the soul
Just gimme the whole 5 mics in total

Written by son_of_eve


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