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Loving you from a distance

I saw you from a distance and somehow I hesitated
My feelings now revealed ad we finally made it
My heart overflowing with such immense joy
I promise to take care of you and your little boy
Baby the whole time I was watching you
I was guiding you
Planning how I was going to provide for you
I won't lie, I was slowly falling in love with you

Our longer than usual conversations
Always left me in a state of renewed contemplation
Mental, emotional and spiritual meditation
As we both grow in a parallel direction

As I watched you I saw an equal
Together I think we can create our own kind of people
I know we will raise a family
Overseas trips to The Alps, Rio and even Miami
All these thoughts as I watched my love for you grow
Till I could no longer contain it and had to let you know

As I loved you from a distance I feel so excited
Feelings erupted as I tried my best to hide it
And I couldn't
My heart refused and it said I shouldn't
So I continued on my epic journey
Towards a place I knew I could find serenity
Where in your arms my heart now lies
Finding a final resting place for it to reside.

Written by son_of_eve


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