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I took a look, in their little "Black Book", and what did I see?
That we're a bunch of "Black Sheep" in the dictionary.
"Black Balled" into believing, that evil is dark.
Miseducating our children, leaving mental "Black Marks".

On this "Black Friday", I really have to say.
This book should be on the "Black Market",revised today.
To "Blacken" a people, with such negative words,
Is mental "Blackballing". I don't mind a "Blackbird".

Look, in the "Black Book" at how they describe their race.
Anything "Blackened" is attributed to your "Black" face.
Educationally "Blackmailed", dispensing "Black Bile".
Hearing bad, "Black" words so long, some accept it in style.

Caucasion descriptions, giving us a "Black Eye".
They say, A "Black Panther", is a militant guy.
"Black Art" is witchcraft, "Black Leg" is a disease.
A "Black Fellow" is an Aborigine overseas.

Do you live in the "Black Belt"? Down in the southeast?
Or have you seen "Black Disease"? Its fatal in beasts.
Have you ever been "Blackballed"? Or beaten "Black and Blue"?
The most sinuous dance, in the roaring 20's, was "Black Bottom", its true.

If you go to "Black Mass", that's blasphemy.
"Black Heart" is a disease bringing "Black Death" to a tree.
Are we still under "Black Code", limiting your rights?
Have you heard about "Black Hand", a criminal group out of sight?

"Black Measles" killed a lot of people in the past.
A "Black-A-Moor" is a discoloration, that lasts and lasts.
A "Black Pope" is so offensive, to the religious Klan.
A "Black Muslim" advocates, separation of man.

I feel like I'm a victim of verbal "Blackmail".
Is there a "Black" word in Websters, for all the "Black People" in jail?
The "Black Book" said a "Black Guard", is contemptibly low.
It also stated, "Black Face", is to imitate a negroe.

I'm working my "Black Magic", so our minds can be free.
Wait, I've found something good. "Black Gold", Texas Tea.
They equate themselves to day and us to night.
M.J It really matters, "If You're Black Or White"!
These are the words, that we are taught to know.
Read deep, in between the lines, and your mind will grow.
On a sunny day, while you're having that picnic in the park…
Remember, the light that's shining, must also come to the "Dark".

Whenever, you're in a group and you want to say it loud.
Are you sure you want to be shouting, "I'm Black and I'm Proud"?
We're varying shades of brown people, of African Descent.
Thanks for the fake book, Mr. Webster. Change it. Hint, Hint, Hint.

Written by DeepSoul


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