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MINDSLAUGHTER, In The First Degree

Social, mental, legal,, emotional drug pushers of the mind.
Let's take a look at the evidence. To see what we'll find.
We have the strong black woman, and the weakened black man.
That's half, the true work of Mother Nature.. Is it a human plan?

We have Muslims and Christians. Which is the true religion?
They don't embrace each other. Cause, they have different visions.
Dark skinned vs. light skinned. How long will that last?
Shades, of a people fighting. Born, from the same cast.

Undercover house Negroes. Please raise your hands in the air.
Now, you proud uncle toms. Wave them like, you just don't care.
Exhibit #1. The news media. Promoting ignorance and self-hate.
Rap City and BET. Your kids try to emulate....

Ugly vs. beautiful. It's pretty clear-cut, in our world.
Boys, beginning to look even prettier. Than the most beautiful girls.
Gangsta's are good and nerds are bad. Boths backwards and wrong.
The only thing that's wrong. Is that, it's been that way too long.

Bloods vs. Crips. When, you are all the same blood.
Young men, pitted against each other. That's true, Good Bud.
Snoop Dog, MTV Cribs.. Foolish standards of success.
Oh, Pimp My Ride & gimme a cell phone. Now stick out your chest.

You're proud of your baby in the Army. I'm proud of him too.
But how, can his brothers sit in a cell, and an Army of One is true?
N.Y vs. L.A. East Coast vs. West...
The young vs. the old. Willie Lynch Syndrome, at its best..

Fashion, fashion, fashion. Bling, bling, Hummers and gold..
Like a dog, chasing a bone on a string. Dying, unfulfilled and old.
More of you in the State Pen. When you should be in Penn State.
The evidence have shown, people like you.. The world fears, to educate.

Your leaders are athletes, entertainers, politicians, and preachers.
Mindslaughter only ends with more knowledge. Elevate, your teachers..
The most demeaning word in history, now used as a term of affection.
Sending a bad message, around the globe. In all directions.

Exhibit #2. Shows cigarette and liquor ads, on every city street..
The prosecution and defense are bedfellows. Making legal love, when they meet.
The business of the criminal injustice systems to, make money & control you.
To conquer any people. You must take out the young men. For the record: its true.

There's a war on drugs, not being won. On drugs, you're not bringing in.
The evidence shows, most convicted drug dealers. Have faces like you, my friend.
United We Stand, America. Let's all join hands today...
Do it now. Cause, come Sunday. In your segregated, churches you'll pray.

Sisters vs. brothers and dumb vs. smart…
I sentence you to understand, what's tearing you apart.
I find this country guilty of mindslaughter, in the first degree..
The victims must uplift themselves. No one else, will set you free.

Written by DeepSoul


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