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Mother Nature

Twister, typhoon, monsoon, and a hurricane..
A lady blew into my heart…
Put out my fire with gentle rain.

An instant oasis, quenching my draught.
Fast as lighting. I'm in quicksand.
Theres no getting out.

An earthquake of feelings. Thundering, up from the ground.
A volcano has erupted. Romantic heatwaves in town.
She's drizzling on me..The Perfect Warm Storm..
Mmm. Temperatures rising. Its getting so warm.

This shower of love. Creating, rainbows in my heart.
She was waiting in a pot of gold. My shooting star..
My oak tree of resistence. Shading me from sweet heat.
A meteor shower of Kryptonite. I'm getting so weak…
Riding this wave of emotions. Floating, up to the clouds.
We're dancing on tornados. Far away from the crowd.

My ice age is thawing. Starting to globally warm.
With the sunlight, that she's beaming. Melting me with her charm.
I can see through the fog now. Watching our lives eclipse.
Only shining stars.. The moon at night..
Sweet kisses on the lips..

No more stormy weather.
No turbulent seas..
Just, a beautiful snowstorm and a summer breeze.
Mother Nature's Fury, pulling like a riptide.
We made it through the current.
Side by Side……

Written by DeepSoul


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