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I can feel some magic here tonight.
Saw a sensual, lovely, Brown Baby, Oh so tight.
Sweet hips, sweet thighs, no disguise,
Enchanting, hypnotizing, big round eyes.

As she slowly danced by me,
Casting her spell, Oh so well, Love potion guaranteed.
This mystical goddess, has focused my attention,
A face like an Angel. I really must mention.

The perfume of love, as she floated by,
Stirring my emotions, to the highest high.
Mmm Brown Baby, if the genie grants me 3 wishes,
All I want is 3 big, brown kisses.

The dancing shadows , and music in the air,
The lady has me mesmerized, I can only stare.
Feeling the summer breeze, blowing from the bay,
Suddenly, Brown Baby, came over my way.

She gently sat down, greeted me with a smile,
Then said, you wanna talk, or only smile?
As we whispered and laughed, all through the night,
Brown Baby's spirit swept me, to an all new height.

As the night went on, and she became a true friend,
Damn, Brown Baby was even more beautiful within.
Her Nubian charm, cut me like a knife,
Love stab me Baby, I'm yours for life.

Enchanted, while dancing the night away.
Hoping , the magic carpet ride, doesn't end today.
Hallucinating about being her groom,
Feeling like, we were alone in the room.

Brown Baby took my hand, knew I would be her man,
With spirits connected, and unspoken lifelong plans.
Brown Baby, I have prayed for you so long,
All the emptiness of my past, is miraculously gone.

Now, standing on a cloud, shouting to the world.
Hands off, my Brown Baby, you see, she's my girl.
I would never put non-Brown Baby's down,
But, the best woman for me, is simply Brown.
Ladies of African Descent are the true Queens,
Maybe, a Brown Baby, is the answer to your dream.

Written by DeepSoul


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