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Many Father's Days, have come and gone.
Little boys, eagerly, waiting by the phones.
The phone never ring, they become so sad.
Knowing, they were conceived, by a Mom and a Dad.

Pop, where are you? I wanna send you some mail.
Now, I'm wondering, whether you're dead or in jail.
Seeing other kids, with Mom and Pop at home.
Looking at my birth certificate, It said "father" unknown.

I'm confused and I'm wondering, how could that be?
Two people had to lie down together and conceive me.
Did he care, did he love me, did he know I was born?
Momma, please tell me. I wasn't just a night of porn.

When other kids used to joke, and say your Mom or your Dad.
Only, the insult against my Momma, could make me mad.
I could only get emotional, about the parent that tried.
No feelings are hurt, talking about an invisible guy.

Dad, you were meant to be, the head of the household.
Without your assistance, I watched my sweet Momma growing old.
She always did, so much more than her part.
She somehow filled the emptiness of a missing heart.

The good mothers, just don't seem to understand.
They can raise a whole person, but, can't raise a whole man.
That was your job father. Why didn't you take a stand?
You left your kids out there, for societies,evil plans.

I went to school, played football, even got straight A's.
I just wanted to know you, you didn't even have to stay.
Whats your name, whose my granddad, can you answer me please?
I'm so glad its not genetic, your Romeo disease.

I'm doing fine without you, got two kids and a wife.
You'll take the guilt to your grave, not being a part of our lives.
When my kids smile, or they're feeling blue.
I'm right there with them, I'm really nothing like you.

The family must be maintained, at all costs.
You really can't imagine, all that's been lost.
Why did you sign over custody to a vicious world?
Missing a parent, they're unprepared, whether a boy or girl.

When a man makes a decision to become a rolling stone,
Morally, religiously, righteously. He's the one that's left alone.
Got it off my chest now. I've said all I have to say.
It's the last time I'll tell you. "Happy Biological Father's Day".

Written by DeepSoul


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