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"Message To My Oppressors"

Which fairy tale is true?
You want me to believe in you.
Do what you say,……. Not What you do
Delivering honey roasted lies, Not the truth!

My people are dying. How many more in a day?
You're not cryin. Its not really OK!
"I SAID, MY PEOPLE ARE DYING! Guilty of something, you say.
Black people, just be happy & let me lead your way.

Oh, you're so proud of your baby in the Army.
And I'm really proud of him too.
But, how in the hell, Can his Bro's & Sis's sit in a cell?
And an Army of One, is true?

Mr. White Man, can I sign up for another God?
The one you issued me was false.
Bet, you would like it much better,
If I simply called you "Boss".

From sunup till sundown..
Feels like I'm from another planet.
You send me blue with a frown,
In your society, am I a man yet?

You're singing "Make It Last Forever".
And you really like Janet's breast.
But, because of your broken mirrors.
You'll make her your morality litmus test.

Discounted Black People,
Most, tryin to do right,
With all that's going on with your own people,
Why continue to bring us the fight?

Our appointed leaders, equals penal feeders.
Kiss a republicans ass and you're a leader.
Rub elbows with a democrat, they're supposed to be good.
What they both really want, is to give you 400 more years of wood

Mostly others & some whites invent,
Whites, then take the technology, to their private tents.
Lock the others out, then call you dumb.
They then make a profit, and call the "Others", lazy bums.
The whites then pat, each other on the back.,
Try to tell you your race, never invented Jack.
So, My people, Don't you ever believe the lies.
Because, the truth and the numbers, will soon be their demise.

Take the chains off of my people,
Cause, we're gonna survive.
Like that Bee Gee's record scratching,
"Just Staying Alive".

Written by DeepSoul


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