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"The Poor Rich USA"

Listen poor people, you must understand.
The poor need to unite and take back this land.
Your enemy isn't The Nation of Islam or The Klan.
Your enemy is the rich, tall, catholic, man.

We need to go knocking on that White House door.
If you're anything like me, you can't take it no more.
While our lives are in reverse and the rich are in drive,
They make millions of dollars, hourly, we get five.

Put aside your differences, its not always about race.
Its about people starving, Its such a disgrace.
Feeding you lies, to make you fight one another,
Reality check, we're all just poor, starving brothers.

Not giving a damn, about your babies, mom, or wife,
They really couldn't care less, if you're even living life.
Republicans and Democrats, are Siamese twins,
Your life will not change regardless, of which one gets in.

We need a Poor People's Party, and a massive strike,
The evil and the greedy, need to take a hike.
Are you getting sick and tired of the corporate whores?
Their selfish decisions, make you the poorest of the poor.

On this issue, we must take a united stand,
Is this not our country? Is this not our land?
Theres really nothing wrong with making a few bucks…
But, don't just drive off leaving the poor, forever stuck.

I'm studying to make Pee, Pee umbrellas. I'm in training.
Cause, the politicians keep on telling me, that it is raining.
They must be held accountable, they're so out of touch.
Lets hit them in the pockets, that they love so much.

The power is in the people, if together we push….
We may even get lucky, and get rid of George Bush.
Are you afraid to get a toothache? Do you have a medical plan?
Can you go on vacation and see this beautiful land?

Is your job secure? Can your baby go to college?
If the answers are no, then you're armed with the knowledge.
The knowledge to know, that your famine is by design.
Regulated by those, that don't care about yours or mine.

We're in the land of the free, and the home of the brave.
Use that freedom and courage, to emancipate poor slaves.
Lets band together, for this monumental cause,
Disregard my message, Pink slip, your job is lost.

If your bills are paid and you're doing great,
I hope you understand, its not about player hate.
We know about the coffee, up rises the cream.
Our grievance is the theft, of our American Dream….

Written by DeepSoul


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