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Two islands, two hearts. Close , yet so very far…..
Two people, shipwrecked. Romantic histories, torn apart.
Both, sitting and waiting. To see what the tide, rolls in.
Alone, on a deserted island. Sand Angels, their only friend

No floating message in a bottle. No rescue in sight.
Only pirates of love, cruising. Ships passing, in the night.
Building sandcastles for each other. Two teardrops sail the seas.
Patiently, staying and praying, while swaying in the breeze.

Desolate, Fantasy Islands. Two, restless natives, count the days.
Both marooned, to lover less lives. Both dreaming to swim away.
Sending out an S.O.S. Simply meaning, Send One Soul.
Resigned, the fates that await. Is dying, unloved and old.

The strong, gives up and moves on. The weak, gives up and stay.
A mysterious voice, told them. Start building, a bridge today.
As the crow flies, you build that bridge. Somewhere, you have to start.
Each hoping, that building a bridge, will connect 2 broken hearts.

Full steam ahead, sunup till sundown. Like people, out of time.
Determined to finish that bridge. Before, completion of this rhyme.
Without taking a pause from their work. While humming a lonely song.
Wondering, if they have the strength to last. No longer, feeling strong.

Sitting, on the ends of their bridges. Again, resigning their fates.
Is it A Lover's Plank in progress? Is the person overboard, their mate?
Drowning in tears, watching waves crashing, Heads lowered down.
Along came a sweet whisper. Love's landing. A gentle, sobbing sound.

After focusing their eyes. Behold. A most beautiful sight to see..
The picture, of a missing lover. An anchored dream, meant to be.
Joining hands, on the top of the bridge. Their lips, first meet.
This prison is now a paradise. An eternal, romantic retreat..

Exotic, erotic, warm breezes. Watching the Flight of a dove.
Two hearts were thrown a lifeline. By a mystery, called love.
Turn the rescue ships around. No longer two Castaways.
Tear down that bridge. Cause, Ahoy! Forever, we'll stay…

Written by DeepSoul


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