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My Final Flow

On that day. When I died.
My family wept. My few friends cried.
My spirit was regretting. All the things unsaid.
Words, I should have spoken. Before, I was dead.

My God told me. I had passed the test.
One more chance was granted. To speak, and then rest.
Elated, in amazement, placed on the highest peak.
God gave me a voice. For, the world to hear me speak.

I told my family, I loved them. I should've stated it more.
But, my love was true, for all of you. I said it, with a roar.
I would like to apologize, to any, I may have ever wronged.
This will take a short time. Cause, the list isn't very long.

I shouted around the world. To every child, woman and man.
I said: you better stop fighting. Your futures, in your hands.
You possess the power. To make all the people rise..
Stop all the hatred. It's the seed of future demise.

I shouted, to my country. Stop killing young, African men.
One day, you'll see. You're gonna need them as your friend.
Screaming, around the globe. I said: You better, value life.
Today may be your last day, to see your kids and wife.

I'm standing on this mountain. With, no diamonds and pearls.
No carry-on baggage allowed. When checking out of this world.
Now that the world hears me. I need your undivided attention.
Don't know, how much longer, I have. To flow and mention.

My tears are streaming down the mountain. Yes, I'm crying.
I see pollution in the air and an eagle, barely flying.
Theres children starving, women beaten, men running from strife.
In some ways. I don't feel too bad. Leaving behind this life.

You must first, Learn to walk, in order to climb any ladder.
If the world keeps morally crawling. This world will be sadder.
A heart, overflowing from my mouth. Is the legacy, I leave behind.
I beg you, to resolve your differences. And, the truth, you'll find.

I had a good life. Sometimes, most beautiful indeed.
It's the passing of the torch. To, the children, of my seeds.
I've got it off my chest. Gods, calling for me to go.
I R.I.P. now. Remember, everyone's, not granted a "Final Flow".

Written by DeepSoul


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