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Fire And Ice


The penetrating glances. Radiating. Love, at first sight.
So entranced with each other. The end of lonely nights.
Champagne, roses, and kisses, Romance on fire. Hot, hot…
Hopes, are always more than you have. Give it your best shot.

Warm hands, a woman and a man. Siamese, burning hearts.
A picture of love being painted. Like a perfect, piece of art.
Making love in the shower. Walking together, in the rain..
Thinking of each other, at work Cupid's tattoo, on the brain.

A good times book, being written. Two hearts, together, as one.
Birthdays, Christmas, and cookouts. Lives filled, with so much fun.
Only one of me to love. So, love only me. Please, remain that way.
Freely giving respect and trust Together, forever, and a day.

Cuddled, by the fireplace. Leaving Hot messages, on the phone.
Wishing, good things for each other. While tugging a wishbone.
Good jobs, nice cars, 2.5 kids. House, with a Picket fence.
Everything's, so nice and beautiful. Love's fire, is so intense.

And Ice

Love, is like magic. But, sometimes magic. Is, just an illusion.
Along, came the icy stares. All the sadness and confusion.
Cold water in the shower. Crystal, shattering on the floor.
Trust and respect has been broken. Perfect love, no more..

Logs, smoldering in the fireplace. Angry shouts, in the night.
Rose petals, mutating to weeds. Thru windows, come no light.
Icicles, hang from the chandelier. Love's picture, stolen by a thief.
So sad, two people, formerly in love. Sadder, the 2.5 kids grief.

Snowflakes, in the summer. A house, no longer a home…
Lawyers voices replacing,, sweet messages on the phone.
An empty bed, restless nights. Cold thoughts, inflaming minds.
What will the next chapter bring? Maybe, A situation more kind..

Hard to marry & easy to divorce, should be the rule. I say…
Lust and love, confusing creatures. From Fire to Ice, in one day.
True feelings, may have existed. Or was it infatuation?
The lesson learned. Simply is. Too many divorces, in our nation.

Written by DeepSoul


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