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I hate it when people say that I have "AN ATTITUDE!"
It seems that this is the acceptable way to describe a confident,
Articulate and educated Black Woman, at least by TV's standards

With nationwide appeal, TV tells us that these Attributes are Rewards
For White Men, Acceptable In White Women, Obscure in Black
Men and Grounds for Dismissal for Me, A Black Woman?

If in the land of the free and the home of the brave all things
Are equal and if all of the words we speak mean the same?
Then why do Opportunities Pass Me by because I have a brain?

I am not the Folgers girl and I certainly won't Step and Fetch-it.
And I thank God; Sealy doesn't make Mattresses for the office
So I don't have to sleep my way to the top. Promotions, usually not!

What do you mean exactly, when you say I have "AN ATTITUDE"?
If We flip the script do you mean I intimidate you?
Do you feel inferior to Me?
Are you afraid of me or do you think I am next in Line for your job?

"My Attitude" is so powerful that when I leave you at the office, your fears
Overwhelm your common sense keeping me on your mind around the clock,
24/7! Is "My Attitude" the reason why you to spend quality time with our boss?

Trust me, I don't deserve all of this attention. If we level the
Playing field and keep all things equal, then I can pay my bills
You can relax and the world would be more productive.

So the next time you meet a beautiful, self-assured and positive
Black woman, know that she's living life on life's' terms
And if that means you think she still has "AN ATTITUDE!"

Then do yourself a favor; remember the whole world is a stage
Everybody has a part and if her confidence bothers you,
Seek the truth, change the channel or simply, turn your TV off!

Written by Realice Storm


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