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Bug Chasers

What honor does becoming a "Bug Chaser" bring?
When HIV and AIDS is what you get from its toxic sting?

They're just dirty little vermin of the most contagious kind
Gift-Givers who'll destroy you before I finish this rhyme

They're lovers who ignore all of the safe sex rules
By failing to cover up securely their family jewels

My love bug gave me AIDS and I didn't know what to do
This shit's so gripping that now I feel compelled to warn you!

He stung me with betrayal after I gave him my heart
He knew he was infected and that's the awful part

I'm writing these words and I'm sounding the alarms
I'm ringing the bells to prevent future harm!

I'm exposing the myth behind this moral decay
It's a conspiracy of silence seeking out new prey!

Putting your life on the line isn't one of love's rules?
Buying into the bull shit makes us all look like fools

Don't get sick and die like me from catching this disease!
You know the one they call AIDS that comes from HIV!

Please leave the Gift Givers and Bug Chasers alone,
Don't let their infectious minds come into your homes.

Swat those mutherfuckers before you end up like me
Trying to stay on all my meds and trying to live with HIV

There is no honor in being a "Bug Chaser" and here's the reason why
You'll live the rest of your life pretty damn sick and hoping to die

I hope I bashed an urban legend about "Bug Chasers" today
They're just a bunch of crazy people; please stay out of their way!

Written by Realice Storm


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