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Rooted In America

(Dedicated to Langston Hughes)

My family is rooted in America, Black and of African decent
Our fathers arrived here before us, most, without their consent

Sold by tribesmen for money into slavery to be servants and chattel
They were taken to the USA, made property; like their Master's cattle

We've been trying to go back to Africa, a place we've never known
Why do you want to go to a land of strangers, when America is your home?

We've wasted so much time divided never recognizing our family names
Never cultivating roots sown by our father's hand or easing some of the blame

I'd love to have an African name because they are filled with lots of meanings
Yet, I am proud of the name I have, it's my father's and I am one of his seedlings

We spend too much time in the past trying to change what used to be
Instead of moving forward in this land to strengthen our American ancestry

Black People of America set the standards by which freedom is measured
There would be no true equality, if it weren't for our civil rights endeavors.

Our struggles to overcome slavery blazed the trail for all nationalities
Equal Rights means we all win and we all have greater opportunities

We have a history to be proud of, being Black and of African decent
In this land of Liberty, united, we can stand up and represent

By accepting who you are and welcoming the paths paved for you and me!
Why not be proud to be an American Citizen in a land you help to keep free?

So when someone challenges your nationality, your race, your color or your creed
With pride, shout out loud, "I am Black, an African America; as is my father's before me!

Written by Realice Storm


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