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Our Middle class neighborhood has changed through the years.
What was once a safe haven for everyone now brings us to tears.

Every night, here, when the sun goes down,
Zombies invade our space and take over our town.

Who moans with despair howling for dope?
Zombies, the lost souls of the night, who have given up hope?

Rocking back and forth to a mystical beat,
Around the block they keep going, up and down the streets.

The shops close down early and the customers disappear.
All scurrying away, fleeing mostly out of fear!

I sit in my shop and watch my neighborhood dwindle.
I'm feeling a great loss now, like I'm being swindled

This was supposed to be my American dream.
Shot up in that Ho's arms wait did you hear that scream?

Who are these aliens and where do they come from?
Enraptured like captivated manikins moving to obscure drums

What's eating at them and tormenting their souls,
As they constantly turn, the corners doing the Zombie stroll!

Who's that creature? There she goes again,
It's her third time around copping smack from Ol' Ben.

I've seen him, already, twice today in fact
Buying drugs from that thug standing there; He sells "Crack"!

How did our communities get invaded this way?
When did the Zombies land and how long will they stay?

Drugs have turned my friends and neighbors into reanimated bodies
Of Dope fiends roving into the strange world of the foul and shoddy!

We are being polluted right now, today, as I speak
By drug dealers, dope addicts, pimps, pros and other freaks.

They're Zombies; a supernatural spell is consuming my friends,
Every night when dusk comes and the sun's journey ends!

Written by Realice Storm


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