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Im torn in between the two cause I really wana be with you
But somethings telling me I should leave you alone.
I am tired of being torn
But inside I know im being warned
I gatta choose, but this feeling inside wont let me loose
I got a real good man in my life, takes care of me and treats me right
Shopping sprees, trips around the world, fuck this man even buys me diamonds and pearls
He spends quality time with me and when im down he makes sure that I don't wear a frown
But I have a secret that's so bad, being torn like this is so dam sad.
I got a man in my life who wants to do right
And a thug who FUCKS me every single night
Bald headed, Strong, muscular, sexual chocolate
Tall, dark and handsome
tattoos all over his body
Tongue ring in his mouth and when he kisses me all over he makes me tremble and shout
DAM I love u boo!
I call him my mandingo cause he's so true
The sex is so good, tears roll down my eyes and I cry tears of joy
And wish he would never stop and for a moment I think im in love
Forgetting this thug niggar aint nothing but a scrub.
He's a hustler, gangsta, liar and thief
I said all those bad things but still he makes me weak
I got a good man in life he just proposed
I don't wana loose, but this thug nigga he gat me so confused.
And now im pregnant, and I feel like shit
Cause I don't even know who my baby daddy is
I cant tell my fionce im having second thoughts
You should see him, he's so excited about this new life im bringing forth.
What do I do this thug nigga don't even care
He disappeared off the face of this earth and went some where
And now im stuck with a seed that was planted in side of me
Cause all I wanted was some fun!
Now I have to live with the bad mistakes that I made
Being torn like this really doesn't make my day
Ladies if you got a good man in your life
Please love and treat your man right
Be faithful and true, cause if you don't I guarantee it'll come back

Written by Shakela Storr


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