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Who is she

Why O why do you call her name every night when you are asleep, why do you love her so much that
you cannot eat. Why does she get to travel with you all around the world, but its me you show off to
your family and friends because you said that im your pearl!
No one has ever seen this lady, why do you keep her a secret; she's maxing out your credit cards with
expensive gifts, yes! I've seen the bills at the end of the month. Your taking her shopping Proda, Gucci
,Juicy Couture and jimmy chue stores, You aint never took me to those places I respect this Trick
cause she's getting money and gifts that I don't even get.
Baby im dying inside who is she? Why do you love her more? Is she better in bed? Where is she
from? Is she beautiful?
People I love this man with all my heart, he completes me, he is the ying to my yang, the apple
of my eye, He was my African King but when that Bitch came along all I ever hear when he falls
asleep is Diamond, Diamond, Diamond!
Who is the fuck is diamond? You call her diamond and call me pearl. Diamonds are a girls best
friend, I wonder why I couldn't I get a name like that, I know why cause im second best.
I came home early from work one Tuesday afternoon feeling sick and tired of that stressful place call a
j.o.b , When I opened the door and entered the living room I smelt sweet, sweet perfume I followed the
scent and it led to the bedroom, but the door was closed, The sounds of silk played in the back ground
(Music Plays)…….
I said to myself I caught this Bitch, Mad as hell im walking up and down in the living room, wondering if I
should bust in on him. The good part of me said I couldn't take seeing with another woman don't open
that door, and the bad part of me said do it girl do it! Do it girl do it! Then I heard him say to her what's
my name! Whats my name! and she screamed to the tip of her voice Jesus! Jesus!
I fell to my knees burning up inside, heartbroken, tears flowing, saying why does it hurt so bad. Then I
got up off my knees and opened the door, before I could look up I looked down rose petals everywhere.
Then I saw my African King doing his thing and I said O shit! O shit (Pause). And that is when I realized
that the proda wearing, Gucci faring, sweet o sweet smelling lady was a …Proda wearing, Gucci faring,
sweet, sweet, smelling ….. Man!

Written by Shakela Storr


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