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I Pledge my love to you

Time and time again I would ask myself ,what is love?
I never knew what love was until I met you,
You showed me how to care when my heart was cold as ice
You came along with this fire and made me melt
and held me in your arms and said baby one day im gonna make you my wife.
Love is what you have shown to me throughout the years
Love is what softened my heart and it brings me to tears
Love kept us together when we were apart
All the breaks ups and make ups and fighting and crying
Was a test for our love that is undying.
I pledge my love to you My African King
That I will love honor and always obey
And no matter what I will always stay
Stay faithful and true cause i only have eyes for you.
And as long as God Almighty is in the midst we'll be to legit to quit.
Im gonna love you more than ever, more than time and more than love.
More than money, and more than the stars above
More than madness, and more than the waves upon the sea
More than life itself cause you mean that much to me.
I love you because you have always been my dream
and even though we spent years far apart
Baby I have always loved you dearly with all of my heart.
I pledge to you to be the best spouse, wife , and mother of your children
And with The lord by our side our love will be one in a million
Because I Pledged my Love to you!!!!

Written by Shakela Storr


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