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Standing alone listenening to the sounds of my heart shattering
Feeling the chill of my spirit, my body’s shaking
Quivering internally, watching your lips spew lies
Gazing in disbelief of a man I loved in disguise
An unpleasant sensation settled in my chest
Allowing my weaknesses to settle & my mouth to rest
Before I could let go, I remembered who I AM
Pieces began to mend together, as I let the door SLAM
My soul began to rise, awakening my spirit
The Tears had ceased, my lips moved with “I don’t want to hear it”
My soul was on fire from the fury penetrating deep within
Burning throughout my body I could feel it on my skin
I stand alone
Alone just me & the LORD upon on his thrown
I am who I am because he made me
No man is worth the devastation of broken promises
From years of tears and mistrust
I stand alone
Free from heartache and pain
Frees from the wonders and worries that use to enter my brain
I will laugh, laugh until I cry
If I had stayed one more moment My soul would have DIED……

Written by LaShanda Sumner


Mr. Africa Poetry Lounge