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Man back up off of me
You act like you ain't neva seen a big bootie
Man stop, dude quit
'Cause right now I'm on some fa'real shit
I got kids, bills, and a man
If you ain't trying to build that,
then you ain't in my plans
So go on dude, back up off of me
I ain't the only chic with a big bootie
And you betta keep your hands up off me
'Cause I will lay you out,
ya feel me?
So harrass somebody else, leave me alone,
I got better shit to worry about
at home.
Before Barack Obama: Black Man screams
I see why the caged bird sings
but I wanna know why the black man still scream
Slavery is long gone
Martin Luther King Jr. drove that point home
We can sit where we want on the bus
But we go straight to the back in the cut
and the black man screams

Black women are better off all alone
while the black boy takes care of home
The black girl is filled with semen while forgetting her dreams
while the black man continues to scream
Hate, destruction, and joblessness
Confusion, loneliness
and lack of trust

I see why the caged bird sings
but what I don't see
is why the black man can't be free
Education ..damn near free
and the same with property
But greed and lust fuel us
and the devil sits back
and laugh at us
because even he knows why the caged bird sings
he even understands why the black man screams

The black women.. we hear
but, captivity we fear
So we clutch our fancy bags
and continue to smile
and all the while
the caged bird sings
and we all scream.

Written by Swain


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