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5 people: 3 under 6, 1 had a bad day and one is a black woman (True story)

The other day
My husband came home from work on some other crap
bad day at work or something like that
He walk through the front door
and didn't even say, "hi"
He just started going off talkin' 'bout
"I can't even get by
with all these toys on the floor
And why these boys
sitting here not making no noise
Boys need be outside and shi
playing with rocks and sticks
Go on go outside do something,
get outta my face
Go somewhere or
clean up this place."

Before it was all said and done

Somebody got whooped
Big girl hollered
I just looked,

"Aw naw, man please!
you got me bent
After all the time I spent
cleaning, scrubbing, and washing your funky clothes
cooking, tending, and wiping yo kids' nose
I'm gon' tell you what you need to do.....
Calm down now! Or
Take yo black tail back out that front door
Come back later, and we can try this once more."

One of the boys stopped crying from being whooped
Big girl hollered
And he just looked,

"Big Girl, go on in your room with all that noise"
He bellowed as he walked across the floor
and out the front door.

The boys came from their room and just looked
Big girl didn't go to her room nor hollered
And I continued to cook.

About 30 minutes later he returned
kissed Big Girl on the cheek
Play wrestled with the boys
Then came to the kitchen
Where I was finishing up the chicken

He walk to me and turned me around
place his big hands on my big round
bottom and kissed me on the lips,
"Thats why I love you baby"

I returned the kiss,
"I already know,
You aint gotta tell me this"

Written by Swain


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