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Beautiful People

I'm attracted to beautiful people
tainted souls & natural glows.

I fell in love with
A white woman once.
Turned around & dated
the blackest most beautiful
man known to earth.
just to find....myself holding
hands with the guy
with the bluest eyes.
& blondest hair
& I woke up beside a woman
who share locs like mine
& thoughts like me.
& right now, you're
questioning my sexuality
instead of my morality.

The world put me in a
Compromising position
Too black & the white man this.
Ill never lie & say
I don't see color,
Because I see color often
& I love it.
I love the look of it when two
shades meet & greet
or accidently brush.
I love us.

Written by Talisha Brittingham


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