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My Little Cousin

Let me tell you about my little cousin,
she 14 going on 23,
she looks so grown, that when we go places,
people think she's older than me.

When I look at my cousin,
I notice she takes after me,
although she would never admit that,
it's only plain to see.
Even though she's a little younger,
I've known her all my life,
and just because she acts like me,
I know she'll make the perfect wife.

She's like a young black Diva,
strong with carmel skin,
as soon as she had turned 13 her
real world started to begin.

I remember when boys weren't even a factor,
but now she can't get enough,
But as long as she got a cousin like me,
she'll know that times get rough.

She knows that friends will come and go
and even betray her trust,
She knows in order to have her way
recognition to God is a must.

She knows that when all hope is gone
and she had a taste of reality,
If no one else is there for her,
my little cousin can always call on me.

Written by Tiffany B.


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