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The Hand that I Write With....

The hand that I write with,that brought
me this far, like Earth, Wind and Fire:
I'm a shining star.
Whatever I'm feelin' my hand feels it too,
If I tell it to help me out, that's exactly
what it will do.

Writing down my thoughts a goals,
expressing my times of sorrow,
poetry for the mind, body, and souls,
and for the readers of tomorrow.

The hand that I write with that wiped
away my tears,
that helped me rub the backs of my
depressed peers.

The hand that turned pages of inspiration,
and proved to myself that i had determination.
TO show to the world what was on my
mind, and discover new expressions
I could not define.

The hand that I write with, that made me
who I am today,
the hand that wrote my feelings, when my
mouth could not say.

The hand that I write with, complete with
5 fingers and a pen,
when somebody's in trouble, a helping
hand I will lend.

I lift my hand to praise my almighty God,
then pat myself on the back, for i know
I did a good job.

The hand that I write with.....

Written by Tiffany B.


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