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The road has been rocky,
Filled with pain,
The world has known us,
By many different names,
From savage to slave,
From slave to boy,
From boy to nigger,
From nigger to coloreds,
From coloreds to Negro,
From Negro to Black man,
Just to name a few,
But right now I'd like to appeal to the Black in you,
Some of our people refuse to grow,
They've grown used to abuse,
And want to remain Negroes,
So I'm proposing this simple solution,
A whole clip of wisdom,
Straight to the dome,
40 caliber, ignorance piercing shells,
Cross topped dum dums, encased in chrome,
I'm on a mission,
I'm hunting slave minded Negroes,
Shooting them dead,
A whole clip of wisdom,
Straight to the head,
Ancient history, the original mathematics, geometry, astronomy,
Geography, philosophy, the true God, and more,
All the things that was stripped from them,
So they could become Negroes,
But now I'm blasting them,
Till they hemorrhaging knowledge,
A visit from me,
And they all been to college,
I'm killing Negroes,
With things they thought they forgot,
Funny how a Negro remember shit,
Once his ass get shot,
A whole clip of wisdom,
And I ain't missed yet,
Steady pulling the trigger,
Till they eyes is shut,
And they won't open again,
Until he in the next life,
Seeing things from an intellectual perspective,
And in a much brighter light,
Yeah, I got a whole clip of wisdom and a box of reloads,
I got the courage and determination to kill some Negroes,
But I'm prepared to embrace the man that takes a Negro's place,
Because although he looks the same and has the same face,
The wisdom in his choices will reflect a brand new taste,
Exuding pride in himself and pride in his race,
My work is important and applied with extreme indifference,
I don't pause from the cause not even for an instant,
I'm will execute some Negroes with this page in my hand,
But I'm doing each one a favor,
Cause he's going to come back a Black man.

Written by TopCat aka… Everett Webb


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