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As the exquisite scent of Burberry cologne,
Serenades my mind,
I flourish in the luxury,
Of soft, supple, earth toned skin,
It's smoothness and elasticity,
Provide the solution for all my fears,
The sensual rise and fall,
And brief, intermittent trembles,
Of that completely mesmerizing abdomen,
Lull my senses into a true feeling of security,
And I am so comfortable there,
Surrounded by the spectacular drama occurring within,
The shuddering canyon,
Of shapely, indescribably enchanting thighs,
The long, drawn out moans are the chorus,
The tortured cry is the bridge,
And that shameless, anguished howl is the crescendo,
In the beautiful, breathtaking song,
Of love, desire, and ecstasy,
That she so graciously sings for me,
As my moist, rapid fire applause,
Flickers against the walls,
Of her accommodating soul,
I delight in her rapture,
As the tremors come faster,
And finally, she hits that sublime note,
That she's perpetually been after,
It comes in a key so high,
It eclipses her thighs,
While the ripples of sensation,
Travel through her sensuous, straining body,
Her muscular legs are spread open wide,
And she has closed those magnificent, brown eyes,
Thoughtfully raising her torso,
So I can reach every morsel,
Of the gleaming, crimson oyster,
She has lovingly prepared for me,
And there I am,
Intoxicated by ambrosia,
Urging her to slowly roll over,
So I can leave her a tip,
Somewhere deep,
In the center of her soul.

Written by TopCat aka… Everett Webb


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