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Spoken word is my passion,
It's a need that I have,
An obsession, an addiction,
It's a hunger that I have,
It's beyond love or sex,
It's like a sexless love,
You see, I crave for the page,
I get mental erections,
I hear heavenly ovations,
With subliminal directions,
I show interest and affection,
Then I seduce these words,
Overwhelmed by inspiration,
Fulfillment meant to be heard,
It's oratory ecstasy,
Or is it auditory masturbation,
Loving what I'm doing with these audio revelations,
You see, I'm starving for your attention,
Concerning some of these things that I mention,
I'm relentless in my intention,
All of these words are my invention,
I'm a junkie for your mind,
And I'm shooting up all the time,
I'm doing dime bags of reason,
As I reflect upon my freedom,
I'm getting high on my Black Love,
Yeah, I'm a fiend for it because,
It's about the closest thing to heaven,
There's hope in the dope I'm selling,
You can cop some on any corner,
Once these things get back to normal,
Uncut, unhit, undiluted,
Fresh off the boat, unpolluted,
You can smoke it, snort it, or shoot it,
It really don't matter how you do it,
Black Love is an uncommon high,
So good it bring tears to your eyes,
Black Love will make you love yourself,
Black Love will make you love something else,
Black Love will make you want to be free,
Black Love will make you want unity,
You see, Black love is not a commodity, it's a feeling,
And it's love for my people I'm dealing,
Yes, I'm getting high off my own stash,
But I don't have to worry cause Black Love multiplies very fast,
I fertilize it by not forgetting the past,
I cultivate it by making awareness my task,
I harvest it with real concern for my people and less concern for their cash,
Then it's off to the factory to be packaged and wrapped,
Mass distribution to the hood, a whole truckload of sacks,
I'm high rolling and big balling,
In Black Love I've found my true calling,
My goal is Black Love in every mouth,
Every mind, every child, and every house,
It's not free, but no one has to do without,
West Coast, East Coast, and the Dirty South,
Black Love is the best high there will ever be,
And if you in my presence you can always get some from me,
So put down your guns, pipes, hatreds, colors, and thugs,
Stick a hand out and get a hold of some of this Black Love.

Written by TopCat aka… Everett Webb


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