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Are you wet?
Is your mind wide open and fully lubricated?
Are you prepared to acquiesce and be deeply penetrated?
Not by mechanical means,
And this is not a physical dream,
Can I introduce you to mental fornication?
Can I break down barriers with a metaphorical application?
Lyrical liberation, with subliminal connotations,
Are you wet?
Come get high with me,
Fly with me,
Let your psyche lie next to me,
Embrace the joy of oral ecstasy, subconsciously,
Close your eyes and visualize all the things you really want to see,
Are you wet?
Are you feeling the flames of desire licking the edges yet?
Let me light a fire in your mind,
Ignite you with a flammable rhyme,
Blazing liberation, your own internal inferno,
Burning away all the hesitation,
And years of captivation,
But are you wet?
Let me give you the test,
Close your eyes,
Feel the warmth of my breath,
Massaging your neck,
As my words penetrate your deepest intellect,
Now breathe, can you feel yourself?
Are you wet?
Liberation, free to unleash the hungers that you long to feed,
Free to feel the sensations that your spirit needs,
Liberation, free to feel,
And the freedom is real,
So are you wet?
My words are the foreplay to a beautiful game,
A gentle prelude, before I enter your brain,
With a projectile rhyme, on a nine inch line,
Are you wet?
Are natural juices flowing?
Is that your aura that's glowing?
Are you ready for the consummation of your liberation?
A smile is all I need for confirmation,
That you're wet, and your mind is set,
That you're prepared to abandon that safety net,
And be liberated, free,
Just the way you always wanted to be,
And in celebration of your newfound liberation,
Sprinkle me, with the moisture of your mind,
Sprinkle me, with the perspiration you have inside,
Sprinkle me, with drops of dew from your thighs,
Tears of joy from your eyes, wet kisses and smiles,
Sprinkle me, liberally,
And I don't mean that figuratively,
I'm speaking literally,
Sprinkle me, like a warm, summer shower,
I want you to be like drops of rain,
Streaming down my obelisk of power,
This ebony tower, lose all track of the hours,
As you sprinkle me, with the steam of liberation,
And screams of revelations,
To the sounds of revolutions,
And the height of evolution,
But are you wet?

Written by TopCat aka… Everett Webb


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