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If I Could.....

If I could......
change the way things were
certain things would not occur
the fuss, the fights, the unsaid words
would go with the wind like
a flock of birds

the continuous lies that never
seem to stop
unfortunately, you had to be dropped
the flirtatious ways were too
heavy to bear
every night I sit in fear
the memories linger and linger long
but why did you have to string me along

the love that we shared was
pure and true
but you messed around
and didn't have a clue

why wait til' what you have is gone
then sing that pitiful sad song
you knew what you had was real
but someone else cracked on the deal
now you sit and wonder why
with those tears running down your eyes

the love that you had is gone away
painfully you have to pay
If I could do things one more time
You being my princess again
would be the fine....

Written by Trini


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