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mama blues

ain't got a sunny sky
the clouds moved in to stay
(not polite to say ain't mama says)
but mama don't you know it's true?
the blues they done did folded over
and enclosed this grieving soul
liquid rain drips from between
covered hands over old eyes
(oh mama why oh why is it this way)

i know, i know, i know
(insanity is here to stay)
this knowledge is ingrained
woman is born conceived in pain
children dead in rocking arms
our wails howl into the night
up/down ghetto canyons streets
reputation in colors flow intertwined
as sirens howl too late too late
(where are you mama. . .where)
was it this way for you too?

sunny days they ain't no more
(polished reflection on ebony casket)
buried under trinket remembrances
smiling pictures framed frozen time
(mama, mama, mama, mama)
where have all our men/boys gone to?
why are there clouds everywhere
as over the holes in our lives we weep
(it ain't fair mama it ain't fair)

Written by Wordancer


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