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If you only knew….

If you only knew that you have had a secret crush
A man that sits and waits and not the type to rush
If you only knew I want to be the one
You kiss and you wake up with to the morning sun

If you only knew I want to be the one you hold
I might not be shining with silver and gold
Or agree with ever thing you do
But understand my feelings are genuine and true

If you only knew to be with you is a blessing
I'm telling the truth or confessing
Our nights filled with smiles and laughter
I trying to show you the one that I'm after

I'm not too ashamed to say
That no matter what happens ill never betray
This foundation we built from the ground up
Never taking a second look at all these wanna be fb sluts

If you only knew what I see is a queen
Im trying to do this without making a scene
Its hard when your smile lights up a room
Play my cards right I might be your groom

When I see you I smile
I know men inbox you in piles
But hopefully you will see that I'm not about the games
To put me in that category is a shame

I can give you a million reasons why I want to be your man
But for now I need to come up with a plan
For you to recognize me and give me that chance
Its like im stuck on you and ive been put in a trance

Its been hard to not speak when your online checking your facebook
Praying and whispering to myself "If only she would just look"
Take the time to get to know me even just for a few
Until then I have to just sit back and say "If You Only Knew"

Written by Twylight


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