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Why couldn't

Why couldn't I be the one you call on?
The 1 I dedicate to every love song
Or be the one you keep near
I'm rambling so let me make this clear

I'm not what you call the thug type
The guy that's quick to wanna fight
But why couldn't I be the one you're proud to call you man
So I stand to the side and show you I can

I want you to know I'm not what you use to
Or the type to come home and abuse you
Why couldn't I be the one waiting running your bath
Hummm I'm not a genius but you do the math

I'm can't stand to see you post and not get upset
I not saying I'm following you like some sort of pet
Why couldn't you just see that things could be better?
Have my arms wrapped around you like it's a new fende sweater

Why couldn't you see that we could make this work?
Instead of worrying about settling down and coming up short
Or maybe I'm not the one that is going to make you happy
You'll never know until you try sorry if I'm getting snappy

I want to love you from head to toe
Someone that I cherish and never let go
Why couldn't you see that life isn't about fast money?
I hope you're not laughing cause aint shit funny

You might think I'm a nerd, a loner, or square
You say you want true love well no one could compare
Why couldn't you understand that I only see the true you
Fuck the streets and the things you've been through

So with best wishes at heart and said with respect
Why couldn't you see that I was supposed to be next?
I can't tell you how to live or even make you understand
But until then do me a favor and keep that space vacant on your left hand.

Written by Twylight


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