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Please understand

I feel like the world is coming to an end
Almost like I lost my best friend
At night I plead and beg
But please understand I feel you're the one I wed

I know I broke your security and trust
I can't let this just fade into dust
I feel empty inside without knowing I can't have you near
Hurting so bad inside that I even shed a tear

I know I messed up and put up a guard
Things I did hurt you and left you scared
But give me some time to show you im better
Everyone goes through hard times and stormy weather

I can't blame you for not wanting to give me your all
But I need you here to pick me even when I fall
Your not the average or even fit the mode
I want to give you my heart excuse me for being bold

Is my approach faulty or somewhat misguided
Is it bad your the one I want to confide in
I'm truly regretting my mistake
And I hope my efforts arent a bit too late

Please understand that the way I see u is a breath of fresh air
I want to show you everyday that I care
I can't undo what's already done and I never wished for it to be
Please understand everything you are is perfect and you're the one for me

Written by Twylight


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