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Fallen angels and born again Christians
Please tell what is knowledge without wisdom - useless
But who am I to drown in the depths of my own self-pity
My inner spirit sings a sad song but I keep these feelings within me
Equating pain with sadness and isolation with madness
A cold reality for many of my brothers not here
We all soldiers in this war fighting for equality
White mans monopoly, our children raised in poverty, acknowledge me
Visible, though unseen 2 the naked eye
I dare not blink b’cause I know its tears I cry
Watching these bleak cold days pass me by
Although my misery is none compared to brothers in our motherland
Every 3 seconds Aids takes the life of another man
Woman and children perish from this evil
Ignore my selfish cries
God bless our people.

Written by Verbalist


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