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Black Child Lost (Part 2)

Black Child why u running the streets
Hate in your heart pain in your eyes
Preparing to die.
Disregarding the beauty which 2morrow holds
Your soul dead and cold
As 4 your fate, only God knows
It’s not complex b’cause my naked eye sees it
You facing your inevitable death but won’t believe it
Rejecting the love and care of all those around you
Embracing all things evil, these streets which surround you
Black Child listen, your friends are not really friends
Wait for the wind to blow and you will soon see
That nothing is ever as it seems
You behind bars in a cold jail cell
Your so called friends never visit, on the outside they all doing well
And the white mans watching waiting 4 us to fall
They want to see us uneducated dropping out of school
A harsh reality but not far from the truth
Look at the general state of today’s black youth
Open your eyes Black Child we have serious issues
Do you think they care, all these politicians and government officials
The blood of our people dripping off their hands
In police custody, lays brutalized and beaten yet another young black man
Black Child - you have a brain use it
Blessed with the gift of life - don’t abuse it.

Written by Verbalist


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