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Missing The Grade

I'm a diehart athlete, can play all the sports
I'm well-known on ball fields and basketball courts

I live to play ball; doesn't matter which game
Football, baseball to me they're all the same

I can throw; I can catch, I can tackle and I can kick
I'm strong, I'm fearless, I'm agile and I'm quick

In class, I'm the opposite, I barely keep up
If math were a sport, I'd never make the cut

I know that English should be a cinch
But if it were Basketball, I'd never leave the bench

In Science, I'm another experiment that failed
If clueless were a crime, I'd surely be jailed

I've had Tutors, threats and teaching aids
With all that help I've still got failing grades

So, I attend all the games, got a regular seat in the stands
Instead of being a player, I'm merely one of the fans

You can find me in the bleachers rooting for the home teams
Failing all my classes and playing sports in my dreams.

Written by Vicki Hall


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